Nothing is PerFecT

We all have issues in life nobody is perfect,although some may appear to be confident but trust me they are not.everyone gets butterflies,goosebumps at some point or the other.

I want everything to be perfect cause i like it and yes sometimes i do think that I’m perfect but that’s not true when i look at myself what i actually think about me is that i am nothing compared to what i really want to be. I’m imperfect.

I have expectations to myself that i cannot live up to. I’m imperfect.

I cry over the smallest things i think I’m the most sensitive person on planet. I’m imperfect.

I get into fight with my siblings,friends ,parents. I’m imperfect.

I may appear to be strong I’m strong but there are days that i get through with forced smile and fake laughs. I’m imperfect.

I constantly think I’m not good enough. I’m imperfect.

And someday nothing goes right and when i think about it and take a step back i realize how amazing life truly is and maybe just maybe i like being imperfect.

Imperfectly I’m perfect.

Accept who you really are,there is no shame in telling or accepting your flaws.So stop taking life so seriously take smile and move along.At the end of the day we are all as crappy as one another.Have no fear for perfection you are what you are.Image


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