politics in india

I don’t know anything about politics nor am i interested in knowing anything cause whatever happens here (India) good, bad mostly bad it is the government to blame for it is in the system. i have never understood what the system actually is or how it operates but what i do know is that it is high time that India needs change a good change a positive change. so much for a democratic nation that women are being raped and the victims are scared to even raise their voice, and the criminals are out free to commit another crime. rape was just an example,there are n numbers of crimes that take place here everyday.all i do is read like most Indians read think over it and leave.i mean there is nothing i can do.,can i??

At present its election time everyday i get to see these articles in newspapers ,magazines,advertisements on television,radio about the various election parties and how good they are and if we support them they would bring change to Indian government all in betterment of a common man.i wonder when will this change happen?!!we have had great leaders in past who with unfailing courage and endurance fought for freedom,fought for democracy, fought for rights of a common man. this is a whole new India i get to see so different from what it used to be.where have the ethics vanished???

But there is hope.i am full of hopes that some day one day change will happen.meanwhile ill decide whom to vote ,I would be voting too. in hope of a better tomorrow a better India



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